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Palomino Coffee



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Hot off the press, meet our first Palomino blend ~~ 1st Rodeo! 

Cup Characteristics:  Almond Butter, Blackberry, Honeysuckle. 

 A complex blend of floral and fruit, 1st Rodeo is a well balanced light roast coffee blend for anyone who is a fan of medium body, jammy coffees.   

Producer: Various Small Producers 

Region: Seasonal Curated Blend // 50% Brazil Natural - 50% Ethiopia Natural

Preparation Recommendations: 1st Rodeo was designed to be a well balanced drip blend for your everyday cup. With a profile that appeals to the fans floral medium body coffees, as well as those us who enjoy the wild and fruit forward. Best as drip and pour over perfect to be enjoyed black, or with cream and sugar. 

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